Kristine Hawley


Six years ago when my daughter graduated from HPS I was shocked to find that there was no social outlet for her to meet up with old friends, so Social "U" was created to fill that void. Social "U" has been a blessing to me as well as to all of our members. I am amazed at how much our group has grown over the years and continues to grow! I feel that I get as much back from the members as they do from the group - each of our members are truly AMAZING!

Gina Clark

Assistant Director - Tuscola

Gina and Kris started as co-workers at a previous employer and the work relationship turned into a true friendship built on trust, honestly and a willingness to help others. Gina's fun loving personality brings so much energy to every meeting and all our members love her.

Angela Spears

Creative Advisor

Angela is a welcome addition to our team. Kris and Angela met at work over 15 years ago and turned that meeting into a very special friendship. When the group first started Angela was on board with helping any way she could even though she had her hands full with work and a very busy family life. Whenever we need fresh ideas, craft expertise or a helping hand at meetings, Angela is there. Angela's children also help out with the group when their schedule allows. Angela believes in what the group stands for and makes all our members feel special.

Connie Mossner

Assistant Director - Saginaw

Connie is the mother of Jacob. Connie has attended Social "U" with her son Jacob for several years and thought it was a great outreach for our participants. Connie suggested we bring the program to Saginaw County in an effort to make the group more accessible to potential members in that area. After several long discussions and much planning, Connie agreed to take on the role of Assistant Director for the Saginaw Chapter and will be vital in the planning and growth of that group. Social "U" is happy to welcome Connie to the team and look forward to our group growing and reaching as many people as possible that could benefit from our group.