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Social "U" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was specifically created to provide a social outlet for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities once they have aged out of the educational system.  Our organization is filling a void for these individuals by providing a social outlet in a non-judgmental, safe, group setting of their peers.  It gives them a chance to connect with old friends and make new friends.

Social "U" started in May of 2015, our first meeting was very successful in having 32 new members attend, over the pasts seven years our group has grown to over 175 members and continues to grow! Not all members attend each meeting, on the average we have approximately 100 in attendance including caregivers.

Each month we meet has a different theme, but basically the same format. We first gather and have an "open floor" where any member wishing to share a story, upcoming event or anything else exciting has the opportunity to do so. During this time they have the opportunity to have the full attention of the group to share their story. This has been a great confidence builder for many of our members that would typically be timid or scared to speak in large groups, but our group is different, our group is AMAZING and there is no judgement! Also during "open floor" time, we announce birthdays and sing to those members, announce future events and tell a joke or two and introduce new members. Once we have finished with open floor time we move on to the theme of the evening, either playing games, having dances or doing community give-back projects. We strive to make sure we have activities for all abilities at each meeting so no one is ever left out.

Although our group is for an AMAZING group of individuals, we also believe that we should give back to the community. With that belief in mind we have done multiple community give back projects over the years. To name a few, we decorated wooden Christmas trees and coffee mugs and delivered them to residents at the Tuscola County Medical Care Facility, made special thank you cards and gift baskets for local veterans, made spring floral arrangements for residents at a local nursing home, and most recently we adopted a highway.

Our group is also involved in community involvement events. The past two years our members have served cider and donuts at Gingerbread Village in Caro. Our group has participated in the Pumpkin Festival Parade by building a float and being in the parade. We have won first place with the amazing float the members helped to build for three years in a row. One of our favorite outings is the Loon's game that we go to in August.

We are super excited about the future of our group and expanding it to surrounding areas. Our newest group has started in Saginaw County and we couldn't be more excited to bring this program there and serve the members of the Saginaw County community.

Keep Calm & Be AMAZING!

  • Reese, Michigan, United States

Upcoming Events

May Meeting08 May 2024Millett Center
May Meeting21 May 2024Tuscola Tech Center
June Meeting05 Jun 2024Millett Center
June Meeting11 Jun 2024Tuscola Tech Center

Past Events

Spring Time Celebration16 Apr 2024Tuscola Tech Center
Spring Time Celebration03 Apr 2024Millett Center
March Meeting19 Mar 2024Tuscola Tech Center
March Meeting06 Mar 2024Millett Center
Valentine's Dance14 Feb 2024Tuscola Tech Center
Valentine's Dancy07 Feb 2024Millett Center
January Meeting23 Jan 2024Tuscola Tech Center
January Meeting10 Jan 2024Millett Center
Holiday Party19 Dec 2023Tuscola Tech Center
Holiday Party12 Dec 2023Millett Center
November Meeting21 Nov 2023Tuscola Tech Center
November Meeting08 Nov 2023Millett Center
Halloween Dance24 Oct 2023Tuscola Tech Center
June Meeting - Caro13 Jun 2023Tech Center
June - Saginaw07 Jun 2023Millett Center
May Meeting - Caro23 May 2023Tech Center
May - Saginaw02 May 2023Millett Center
April Meeting - Caro18 Apr 2023Tech Center
April - Saginaw04 Apr 2023Millett Center
March Meeting - Caro21 Mar 2023Tech Center
March - Saginaw07 Mar 2023Millett Center
February Meeting - Caro14 Feb 2023Tech Center
February Meeting - Saginaw06 Feb 2023Millett Center
January Meeting - Caro24 Jan 2023Tech Center
December Meeting - Caro20 Dec 2022Tech Center
December Meeting - Saginaw06 Dec 2022Millett Center
November Meeting - Caro22 Nov 2022Tech Center
November Meeting - Saginaw01 Nov 2022Millett Center
October Meeting - Caro25 Oct 2022Tech Center
October Meeting - Saginaw18 Oct 2022Millett Center
September Meeting - Saginaw06 Sep 2022Millett Center
August Meeting - Tuscola16 Aug 20227552 West Caro Road, Reese, MI, USA
August Meeting - Saginaw02 Aug 2022Millett Center
July Meeting - Saginaw05 Jul 2022Millett Center
June Meeting - Tuscola14 Jun 2022Tech Center
June Meeting - Saginaw07 Jun 2022Millett Center
May Meeting - Tuscola24 May 2022Tech Center
May Meeting - Saginaw03 May 2022Millett Center
April Meeting - Tuscola12 Apr 2022Tech Center
April Meeting - Saginaw05 Apr 2022Millett Center
March Meeting - Tuscola15 Mar 2022Tech Center
March Meeting - Saginaw07 Mar 2022Millett Center
February Meeting - Tuscola15 Feb 2022Tech Center
February Meeting - Saginaw07 Feb 2022Millett Center
January Meeting - Tuscola18 Jan 2022Tech Center
January Meeting - Tuscola18 Jan 2022Tech Center
January Meeting - Saginaw10 Jan 2022Millett Center
Holiday Party - Tuscola14 Dec 2021Tech Center
Holiday Party - Saginaw06 Dec 2021Millett Center
Movie Night29 Jun 20217552 W Caro Rd, Reese, MI, USA
Spring Drive Thru30 Mar 20217552 West Caro Road, Reese, MI, USA
Pumpkin Festival Parade04 Oct 2020
Loon's Game23 Aug 2020
Luau04 Aug 2020Darbee Park
Carnival07 Jul 2020Darbee Park
Regular Meeting09 Jun 2020Tech Center
5 Year Celebration05 May 2020Tech Center
Welcome Spring14 Apr 2020Tech Center
Regular Meeting10 Mar 2020Tech Center
Valentine's Dance11 Feb 2020Tech Center
Regular Meeting07 Jan 2020Tech Center
Holiday Pary10 Dec 2019Caro, MI
Regular Meeting05 Nov 2019Highland Pines
Halloween Party22 Oct 2019Tech Center
Pumpkin Festival Parade06 Oct 2019Caro, MI
Float Building03 Oct 2019Reese, MI
End of Summer Picnic10 Sep 2019
Loon's Game18 Aug 2019Midland, MI
Summer Party13 Aug 2019Darbee Park
Summer Carnival16 Jul 2019Darbee Park
Social "U"04 Jun 2019Caro, MI, USA
Social "U"07 May 2019Caro, MI, USA
Adopt A Highway Road Side Clean Up16 Apr 2019Reese, MI, USA

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Kristine Hawley


Six years ago when my daughter graduated from HPS I was shocked to find that there was no social outlet for her to meet up with old friends, so Social "U" was created to fill that void. Social "U" has been a blessing to me as well as to all of our members. I am amazed at how much our group has grown over the years and continues to grow! I feel that I get as much back from the members as they do from the group - each of our members are truly AMAZING!

Gina Clark

Assistant Director - Tuscola

Gina and Kris started as co-workers at a previous employer and the work relationship turned into a true friendship built on trust, honestly and a willingness to help others. Gina's fun loving personality brings so much energy to every meeting and all our members love her.

Angela Spears

Co-Director, Saginaw

Angela is a welcome addition to our team. Kris and Angela met at work over 18 years ago and turned that meeting into a very special friendship. When the group first started Angela was on board with helping any way she could even though she had her hands full with work and a very busy family life. Whenever we need fresh ideas, craft expertise or a helping hand at meetings, Angela is there. Angela's children also help out with the group when their schedule allows. Angela believes in what the group stands for and makes all our members feel special.

Aliyah Spears

Assistant Director - Saginaw

Aliyah is an amazing young woman that bring joy and a smile to everyone she meets. Aliyah has been with Social "U" since the beginning helping in any way needed. Aliyah is a recent graduate of SASA and is now attending college. Aliyah has been involved in many different community events and projects over the years and is a true leader in all that she does. Social "U" is and its members are proud to have Aliyah on our team.

Friends Old, New & Social "U" is so much more than a social group. We are a community of volunteers,  parents, caregivers, families, and professionals interested in improving the lives of and providing services to adults with special needs.

Below is the start of a list of organizations and/or avenues that can help you when trying to secure and locate services for a loved one with special needs.  If you can further our quest to share resources we would be happy to post your information below, please call us at 989-233-8209 or email socialu2015@yahoo.com.

The Fowler Center - thefowlercenter.org - The mission of The Fowler Center is to empower independence and personal growth through barrier free outdoor learning and fun.  (989) 673-2050.

Connections Human Services - Connectionshumanservices.org -  Bridging life's gaps one need at a time! Guardian/Fiduciary Community Organization Services.  (989) 672-1268.

Friends Old, New & Social "U" would like to thank everyone that supports our group and beliefs.  Without the support of the community, families, caregivers and local organizations we wouldn't be able to do so many of the fun things that we do....

Special thanks to:

Let's Talk Sounds DJ Service LLC - Mike & Sandy Wilson - for providing DJ service for our dances
Tuscola Intermediate School District - for letting us use their facilities to hold our events
USA Gleaners - for sponsoring our summer carnival
Caro VFW - for allowing us to use their facility for events
Tuscola Behavior Health - for helping us get the word out about our group and your continued support
Caro Goodwill  - for having us as their "Round Up" partner
Renee's Travel LLC - for your generous donation to our AMAZING group
Tuscola County Community Foundation - for awarding us a grant for a sound system, storage solutions and first aid kit and many other items over the past few years.
Caro Gleaners Arbor 106 - for your generous donation to our group
Caro Walmart - for your generous grant to support our group
Michigan Bean Commission - for your generous donation to support our group
Frankenmuth Credit Union - for the grant to help support Social "U" and to also help with starting our Saginaw group.
Thrivent  - for support with funding some of our activities.
4-Imprint - for the grant for promotional items

TUSCOLA COUNTY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FOUNDERS FUND - for awarding us a grant for promotional materials to better reach individuals that could benefit from our program. Tuscola County Community Foundation has been a huge supporter of our group by awarding us grants and helping us continue to serve the residents of Tuscola County.  We are very appreciative of all the board members that read our grants and awarded them to us.  

We are also a proud member of the Caro Chamber of Commerce.

I would also like to thank all the special people that volunteer their time to help make our meetings so great....  Jerry, Abby, Tyler, Keith, Jayne, Virginia, Ann, Angela, Lee, Aliyah, Isaiah, Denise and Dave.
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